Embracing Colour: Phasing Out Grey in Interior Design

In recent years, grey has dominated the world of interior design. Its neutrality and versatility made it a go-to choice for many homeowners looking to create a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. However, as we move forward into a new era of design, there’s a noticeable shift towards embracing colour in interior spaces.

While grey certainly has its merits, its overuse has led to a sense of monotony and predictability in interior design. As a result, designers and homeowners are seeking ways to inject more vibrancy and personality into their spaces by phasing out grey and welcoming a broader spectrum of colours.

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Grey Industrial Teenage Bedroom

How can colour help elevate your space?

One of the main reasons for this transition is the desire to create more dynamic and visually stimulating environments. Colour has the power to evoke emotions, set the tone of a room, and reflect personality in ways that grey simply cannot. Whether it’s bold and vibrant hues or soft pastels, incorporating colour into interior design allows for greater creativity and individual expression.

Another factor driving the shift away from grey is the growing emphasis on natural elements and organic textures. Incorporating earthy tones and botanical-inspired colours can help create a connection to the outdoors, promoting a sense of calm and wellbeing within interior spaces.

Additionally, as sustainability becomes increasingly important in design practices, there’s a growing interest in using environmentally-friendly materials and finishes. Natural pigments and dyes offer a more eco-conscious alternative to synthetic colorants, further encouraging the use of colour in interior design.

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Injecting Colour into a Home


Should I abandon grey altogether?

Of course, phasing out grey doesn’t mean completely abandoning it altogether. Grey can still play a valuable role as a complementary shade or as a neutral backdrop for bolder accent colours. The key is to use it thoughtfully and in moderation, allowing other colours to take centre stage and infuse spaces with more personality and warmth.

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